CQYI Three dimensional measuring cutting machine

CQYI Three dimensional measuring cutting machine is a kind of space three coordinate measurement and Numerical control processing equipment with high efficiency and multiple functions, used for processing and measurement of fatlute and core making material in the automobile modeling process, it can be effective substitution of conventional model which requires manual repeated template comparison and correction, thus to quickly and effectively accomplish the processing, detection and reverse of complex curved surface.

CQYI Three dimensional measuring cutting machine is composed of three major parts: mechanical host system, electronic control system, and software system, with features of high efficiency, good processing space accessibility, convenient clamping, reliable operation, high accuracy positioning, safe and system stability. It meets the requirements of rapid manufacturing, detection and reverse of design model, which enables to accelerate the product research and development, making it a kind of product with high cost performance. With CAM software of UG, PRO/E and POWERMILL, the digital module files can be easily programmed to be G code, thus to rapidly accomplish the NC machining of soft materials like fatlute and core making material; Convenient adjustment of cutting-tool angle meets the requirement of multi-direction setting of tool axis during machining; Fully enclosed dust proof structure meets the field environmental requirements; combination of single point trigger and digital imaging technology can be used for data acquisition and reverse design on the work pieces.