Engine Performance Laboratory

It’s used for test of vehicle engine products, performance evaluation and calibration experiment of newly developed engine, and to carry out test according to standard requirements by enterprises. It’s available for both engine transient test and steady state test. It’s equipped with a complete AC power dynamometer and measurement control system for engine bench test.

Test items include: Engine grass power test, engine net power test, engine load-characteristic test, engine universal characteristics test, engine mechanical loss test, engine cylinder power equalizing test, fuel consumption test, engine emission test, calibration, matching, and optimization test of engine electronic control system, integration and control of partial current devices, sampling and analysis equipment, AVL415, AVL439, air flow meter, and transient fuel consumption meter that are proved provided by third parties.

Test methods: Initial test, idle running test, power test, load-characteristic test, speed characteristic test of compression ignition engine, mechanical loss power test, cylinder variation test, machine oil consumption test, piston leakage test.