Passenger vehicle roof static pressure test stand

This test stand is used for roof strength loading test of various cars, to test the compressive properties of related components in Kim loads. The test stand is designed and manufactured according to the test requirements for compressive strength of car roofs as stated in GB 26134-2010 “Roof Crush Resistance of Passenger Cars”, FMVSS 216 ““Roof Crush Resistance of Vehicles”, and regulations in “Technical Agreement of Roof Static Pressure Test Stand”.

The hardware component of test-bed consists of main frame body, height adjusting mechanism, and angle adjusting mechanism of loading device, loading device and control acquisition system. The software system is equipped with human-machine interaction interface, available for experimental data processing, display printing and data archiving. Test bed parameters can be set according to the actual needs to make the test bed automatically carry out test as per process, able to inspect and collect the tested parameters and display data respectively. As driven and loaded by servo motor, the loading board is adjustable; loading and displacement closed loop enables optional control mode; Adjustable manual full speed, Precise positioning of pulse control; loading speed and load stroke can be set. Speed self calibration; adjustable loading angle and height; Hardware and software dual overload protection and position limit function; Real time measurement and display of load and deformation; Experimental data and curves can be saved, output and printed.